Me, age 8

Me, now

Sometimes, I like to sit in a chair and write in a spiral notebook. Later, I go to my computer at my desk.

What I Do When I'm Not Writing:

I've been an advocate for better education for all children, but especially for military children, who change schools way too many times, and gifted children, whose needs are often minimized and forgotten. Some of the inspiration for Letters From Rapunzel and Operation Yes came from my experiences advocating for the needs of my own two children in several school districts around the country.

Iím also a member of MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition) and a longtime member of SCBWI (Society for Childrenís Book Writers and Illustrators)

I also love: fitness (yoga, hiking and golf), theater (particularly Shakespeare), poetry, reading, outdoor active travel, and fairy tales.

Me, with some of the MANY letters I have written

About Me

Some books on my desk

1) My favorite book is The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander.

2) Growing up, I had a hard time talking to people, so I often wrote letters to them instead.

3) I almost became an actress, a physicist, a diplomat, or an Air Force officer. Instead, I became a writer, which lets me be anything I want.

I love it when my books arrive

I like drama

Drama Geeks (which one is me?)

In Operation Yes, the kids in Room 208 learn how to make things up on the spot---an acting skill called improvisation. (Improv for short.)

My first time doing improv was in high school. I was in a group with two boys, and we had to make up a scene using the words cactus, diamond, and cowboy. I wound up playing the cactus. My name was Polly Pricklebutt.

Popcorn Cake

I love popcorn. So far, I've managed to work the word POPCORN into every book.

My Books

Fall 2017
Military kids + improv
What would you write from YOUR tower?